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Transitional Living


万博正式官网Milton Hershey School的过渡生活(TL)计划毕业后为终身做好准备。对于我们的学生在MHS的最后一年,他们将从学生的家中搬走。他们在独立生活中居住的12年级apartment-style residences在校园。


毕业生需要能够导航日常责任并解决意外问题。MHS的TL计划旨在为老年人创造经验学习机会 - 在毕业之前与成人监督。该程序包含一系列功能区域:

  • 金融知识
  • 健康y lifestyle habits
  • Community living
  • Social and emotional skill-building


万博正式官网Milton Hershey学校过渡生活


MHS supports 52 apartments across 10 TL buildings (five for males and five for females). The physical layout of each building includes:

  • 学生公寓(每间公寓4-6名学生)
  • 监督人员公寓
  • 主要办公室
  • A recreation room
  • A laundry room

Each apartment includes a kitchen, common area, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms.


Living-Learning Communities

The TL program incorporates the concept of living-learning communities (LLCs). We make student TL assignments based on student interests and goals. LLCs are based on the 2020 Vision strategic plan and include the following focus areas:

  • 职业制备
  • Global Citizenship
  • 健康and Wellness
  • Residential Assistant and Leadership
  • STEAM & Sustainability
读the Strategic Plan
万博正式官网Milton Hershey学校过渡的生活主管


Transitional Living facilities are supervised by at least two residential education professionals who live in each building. They are responsible for teaching MHS seniors essential life skills. They also serve as role models and mentors, helping students prepare for life as an adult.

员工时间表旋转。至少有一个成年人是duty when students are in the building. There are times when both adults are on duty. There is also flex TL staff, delegated to each building as needed.


Transitional Living exists to teach students the life skills necessary to survive and thrive as self-sufficient adults. We promote healthy lifestyles and work to build a strong sense of community. This support aids students as they bridge the final gap between childhood and adulthood.

In ninth through 11th grade, MHS students learn basic life skills from their houseparents. When they become seniors, TL staff members help them build a deeper foundation. TL staff incorporate weekly curriculum material into the student schedules.

读more about the specific skills TL programming grooms within students living in this unique and independent environment.


The TL program guides students in developing essential life skills, including:

  • Time management
  • 膳食计划
  • Buying and cooking meals
  • Budgeting
  • Maintaining a living space
  • Interpersonal skills
Learn Other Ways MHS Provides for Students' Daily Needs

TL Curriculum

Students assist in guiding TL curriculum, and lessons revolve around:

  • 健康y relationships
  • Stress management
  • 学习技巧
  • 社会和情感学习
  • 健康
  • 健康

The Compass Project

The Compass Project, our character and leadership development program, is a school-wide initiative. Each month, Transitional Living staff highlight one social and emotional learning (SEL) theme. They guide seniors through a focused curriculum, including topics such as:

  • Rising above obstacles
  • 保持坚持不懈
  • 不断发展的同情心
  • Developing new perspectives
  • Making healthy decisions
  • Learning how to prioritize


Specific questions about how TL works? Reference our Q&A guide for details.

Milton Hershey School seniors and Transitional Living staff meet in an office.







Can the students have a personal cell phone?




A TL staff member provides transportation for area shopping trips. Students meeting the criteria may be able to use a dedicated TL-program car.

How are discipline infractions handled and by whom? Are the consequences the same?

Discipline is handled by the Transitional Living coordinator and the Transitional Living assistant. All students in the TL program are subject to the same discipline guidelines as all other students. Consequences are the same or similar. Students will not be transferred back to a student home.

Milton Hershey School students attend a meeting as part of the Student Government Association.

A Day in the Life

Seniors have busy, fulfilling days at MHS. Through top-notch academics, personal attention, hands-on learning, and skills for life, our students are prepared for what’s next. Learn more about a student’s day at MHS.

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万博正式官网Milton Hershey学校在种族,颜色,国家或民族起源,祖先,性别,宗教信仰或残疾的基础上,不歧视招生或其他方案和服务。读important MHS policieson equal opportunity and diversity, equal employment opportunity, and more.